What Goes Inside Medik8?

There are literally thousands of ingredients available. Excellence comes from not just the selection and source of these actives, but the way they are put together into a formula. Our ingredients are scrupulously hand-picked based on their research-backing, affinity for the skin and exceptional effects on the complexion.


We never test on animals. And we never ask any other company to test on our behalf.

Unfortunately, many of the most common ingredients used in cosmetics have been tested on animals in the past (never by us). But testing on animals is banned in the EU, and the latest EU cosmetic regulations (2013) prevent the use of ingredients tested on animals after the cut off date. We take the matter of checking our compliance very seriously as an integral part of our product development and supplier selection process.

We believe it is just a matter of time before animal testing is banned worldwide, forever - and we cannot wait.


We understand that having a beauty regime filled with vegan skincare is beneficial for the planet and your skin. All Medik8 products can be used by vegans and do not contain any animal ingredients.

We pleed guilty to absolutely loving animals and there is no place for harming animals in pursuit of skincare excellence. Please see our charity effort, The Zipper Foundation.


We are happy to be 100% paraben-free.

Preservatives are an essential part of any cosmetic formulation – they stop our products from deteriorating over time. However there are many types of preservatives and the safety of the 'paraben' class has been called into question. We use alternatives. In some cases, we have eliminated preservatives completely.

For the avoidance of doubt, every preservative used inside Medik8 products is approved by the EU and strictly used only at permitted concentrations.

Science vs Nature

We love nature. And we love science. And that is absolutely compatible. Many effective and safe ingredients in skincare are found in nature, for example vitamin A and vitamin C, but in order to extract the part of an ingredient that works on the skin, it may require a scientific process. And this process not only ensures greater efficacy and purity, it also reduces the chance of irritation and reactions. There are many aspects to this debate (is there a debate?) but in short - think of us as nature loving compassionate scientists.

Ingredient Choice

We carefully research each and every ingredient that we choose to put into our formulations. This involves careful studying of research materials to substantiate the ingredient has the desired effect we are looking for and, of course, checking all regulatory aspects. We assess its safety data alongside the general internet response to the ingredient and weigh this up against its claims before allowing it in our formulations. Since we are responsible for developing (or signing-off) every single formulation, we have complete control of what makes it into any Medik8 product. So if you love our ethos on one product, you are sure to love the whole range. Always read the packaging before use.

Certified Quality

We only make products for ourselves. Our entire lab and production capability is dedicated to Medik8. We are proud to tell you that we are certified ISO 22716 for Cosmetic Manufacturing, plus, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems which includes our commitment to excellent customer service.

This is completely voluntary. And it places a great burden on our teams. But as we grow, having regular external audits is the best way we feel to maintain our promise of true excellence. We believe dedicated skincare customers notice the difference.

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