Our Ethical Business Objectives

Work with responsible suppliers

Source our ingredients responsibly

Drive diversity, build inclusion

Ethical Business Highlights

Our biggest achievement over the last year has been submitting our B Corp application in April 2023. We are currently awaiting verification. In other areas, we initiated our first full ingredients audit, to gather data supporting traceability, water and biodiversity risk assessments, and much more. With regards to suppliers, we joined Sedex, the world’s largest platform for supply chain assessments. We also launched our Recyclability Guide to help customers make more sustainable decisions. We completed our first Engagement and ED&I self-Id surveys.

Considered Ingredients

We meticulously evaluate each ingredient for its efficacy, safety, and environmental impact. Our aim is to find a harmonious balance between synthetic and natural ingredients, leveraging their unique benefits. Whether an ingredient provides visible results as an active component or contributes to texture and stability, it is purposefully chosen for our formulations. Our dedication to minimising environmental impact drives continuous improvement such as transparently tracing the origins of our ingredients, in order to assess and mitigate risks associated with water usage, biodiversity, and deforestation.

Suppliers Sustainability Program

Suppliers play a crucial role in achieving our sustainability goals. While we have a Code of Conduct in place, we strive to exceed basic compliance by encouraging our suppliers to adopt comprehensive environmental and social sustainability practices. Our goal is to actively engage with all of our suppliers by the end of 2023, seeking to understand and support their sustainability initiatives As members of Sedex, we collaborate with other companies to audit human rights, workers' safety, and good governance while aiming to reduce the data collection burden on suppliers and address risks before they occur.

Never Tested on Animals and Vegan

We neither test our finished products on animals nor commission such tests to be conducted on our behalf, and we fully support bans on animal testing for cosmetic purposes anywhere in the world. Our dedication to cruelty-free practices extends to the selection of ingredients as well, ensuring that we only choose those that have not been tested on animals. We take the responsibility of ensuring compliance seriously, considering it an essential aspect of our product development and supplier selection process. Furthermore, all our formulations have been updated to only contain vegan ingredients.

Quality Made in Britain

Our state-of-the-art Innovation Centre in Buckinghamshire, UK serves as the hub for the design and manufacturing of all our products. We take pride in our distinctive in-house Research & Development capabilities, which have resulted in four patents and over 20 trademarks. Adhering to our commitment to third-party accreditation, we hold ISO 22716 certification for good manufacturing practices and ISO 9001 certification for quality management. In order to maintain transparency and instil trust in our claims, we willingly undergo independent external audits, continuously evaluating our quality systems since 2016.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We conduct an annual self-declaration, voice, and inclusion-focused survey (results here, page 27). The feedback from minority groups guides our focus for each year, with LGBTQ+ inclusion being our priority in 2023. We have created a dedicated community that holds regular meetings to address concerns and gather input. Additionally, we organise "Lunch & Learns" to dispel myths, raise awareness, and foster discussions on creating a more inclusive workplace. To eliminate bias, we are systematically reviewing and modifying each core people process, e.g. removing gendered language from role descriptions.

Building engaged teams

Our annual anonymous Engagement Survey and Quarterly Pulse surveys are the key to understanding the views of our teams on a wide range of topics, such as Collaboration & Communication, Feedback & Recognition, Leadership, Teamwork & Ownership, Work & Life Blend and more. We then use the feedback to shape our people and leadership plans and to align our strategies and initiatives with their priorities and concerns. In FY22, our engagement score was 67%. Our ultimate goal is to be in the top 10% of UK companies for employee satisfaction by 2025, as benchmarked by Culture Amp data.

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