Packaging Recycling Guide

Under the Waste Reduction pillar of our updated sustainability strategy, making our packaging 100% recyclable, refillable or reusable by 2026 is one of our key targets. So, we are working hard behind the scenes to make the necessary changes. But, in the meantime, we want to make sure you know what to do with our existing packaging after you’ve used the formulation.

The main role of packaging is to make sure that the formulation is protected against potential degradation and that it will stay active and potent for as long as possible - so you get the best results. Unfortunately, that sometimes means that we have to use formats that are not currently recyclable in all territories. However we’re always looking out for new innovations to address this issue and we hope to share good news soon. Our immediate focus is ensuring that our customers are well-informed and that what is currently widely recyclable actually gets put in the correct waste stream. That’s why we have put this guide together to let you know what goes where*, so you can do your bit too.

*Our guidelines are based on the OPRL rules in the UK, where we manufacture. This does not guarantee the packaging will be accepted where you live or that it can be recycled in practice in your territory. Please always check your local collection by going to We’ve added material information below to make it easier to check.

A few golden rules before you start:

Ensure there is no product residue.

Ensure there is no product residue.

Even as little as 10% of the formulation left inside a tube or jar can hinder recyclability. You can part-cut tubes to take out that last bit of product (for your own benefit too) and then rinse. Don’t worry about drying them.

Remove pumps and pipettes from glass or plastic bottles.

Remove pumps and pipettes from glass or plastic bottles.

Pumps are not currently recyclable because of the small metal springs inside that can damage the machines in the processing facilities. Pipettes are made of mixed materials that are not easy to separate.

Reuse Press & Glow and Press & Clear Pump

Reuse Press & Glow and Press & Clear Pump

We can’t recycle pumps, but we’ve designed the Press & range pumps to be reusable. So keep the pump when you’ve finished the product, and just order a refill to use with your existing pump.

Recycle all glass and plastic bottles

Recycle all glass and plastic bottles

All of our plastic bottles are made from widely recyclable PET (Press & Clear, Press & Glow, Eyes & Lips Micellar Cleanse) and HDPE (Gentle Cleanse, Micellar Mousse, Clarifying Foam). Our travel size bottles can also be recycled - if the pumps are removed. All of our glass bottles are widely recyclable.

Recycle flip-top and screw-top tubes.

Recycle flip-top and screw-top tubes.

Only the flip-top and screw-top tubes can be recycled. Unfortunately, the airless tubes cannot be recycled because the pump cannot be detached from the tube.

Recycle all cartons and e-commerce mailers within the paper stream.

Recycle all cartons and e-commerce mailers within the paper stream.

All of our outer cartons are recyclable, and so are the mailing boxes our products are sent in.


Press & Glow and Press & Clear pump - can be used up to 5 times. Just order the refill bottle instead of the original version including the pump. Save money and the materials from going to waste too!

Recycle at home

Tubes with a flip or screw-top, plastic and glass bottles, cartons, aluminum sample tubes and mailers. Our tubes are made of PE or HDPE (Recyclability code 2) with PP caps (Recyclability code 5). The caps cannot be separated so, in some territories, the recyclers may not accept them - although both materials are widely recyclable.

Plastic bottles

Transparent bottles are made from PET (recycle code 1) and caps are made from PP (recycle code 5). PET bottles are widely recycled in most territories. Check your local guidelines regarding what to do with the cap (leave on or remove).

Eyes and Lips Micellar Cleanse

Press & Clear Bottle + Refill

Press & Glow Bottle + Refill

Glass bottles
Aluminum sample tubes

Ensure they are completely empty, reinsert the cap and recycle with metals or mixed recycling.

Not currently recycled 

Please put these products in your household waste bin.

Frosted jars

Our frosted jars are not currently recyclable, but we are working on replacing them with a recyclable alternative.

Advanced Night Eye

Advanced Night Ceramide

C-Tetra Day Cream

Night Ritual Vitamin A

Airless tubes & bottles

Due to the sensitivity of our formulations, we need to use airless tubes to ensure the optimal potency and power of our active ingredients once the packaging has been opened. The tubes themselves are recyclable but, because the pumps cannot be removed, the whole packaging becomes unrecyclable. We are working on developing airless pumps that can be recycled. For the moment, these tubes will need to go into the general waste.

Balance Moisturiser with Glycolic Acid Activator

Calmwise Color Correct

Crystal Retinal 1 30ml

Crystal Retinal 10 30ml

Crystal Retinal 20 30ml

Crystal Retinal 3 30ml

Crystal Retinal 6 30ml

Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye

Eye Peptides

r-Retinoate Day & Night

r-Retinoate Day & Night Eye Serum

r-Retinoate Ultimate Night