What is Professional Skincare?

Professional brands typically have a home-use retail range and separately a 'backbar' line just for therapists to use on their clients.

Medik8 is classed as a 'professional-led skincare' brand. Once only available in doctors’ offices, medical and premium spas, skin clinics and salons, as well as some premium pharmacies. The brand is now available online at hand-picked specialist beauty websites plus direct from us at us.medik8.com

Medik8 in-clinic treatments are not yet available in the USA.

Professional-Led Brand

Get the best of both worlds. Every Medik8 product combines the great texture, beautiful fragrance and sophisticated packaging you expect in a retail brand, alongside the cutting-edge science and powerful ingredients you expect in professional skincare. So you can enjoy a pampering beauty ritual while experiencing award-winning skincare outcomes. This is why our mission is 'beautiful skin for life'.

This switch from 'professional-only' to 'professional-led' would not have been possible without the rise of the skin knowledgeable influencers, bloggers and frankly more educated consumers looking for ingredient-led formulas.

Now Medik8 is available in the USA either direct from us or specialist beauty and skincare websites. Please note that Medik8 backbar products and in-clinic treatments are not yet available in the USA.

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