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    Powerful Action on Wrinkles

    Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 4 weeks.*

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    Proven Dark Spot Reduction

    Visibly reduces the look of dark spots & uneven tone.

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    Firmer, Healthier-Looking Skin

    Clinically proven to improve the look and feel of skin firmness and elasticity.

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  • 7 days to a brighter more even complexion*
  • 4 weeks to clinically proven wrinkle reduction**
  • 4 weeks to clinically proven increase in skin firmness and elasticity**
  • 93% agreed this worked faster than any vitamin C product they'd tried**

*Proven via an Independent consumer study conducted over 7 days on 41 participants.
**Proven via independent clinical study conducted over 12 weeks on 32 participants of all skin types and tones.

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Step 1

After cleansing in the morning, massage 4 drops across the face, neck and décolletage. As you apply, you may encounter a warming sensation as the product absorbs into skin due to the high strength of this Vitamin C.

Step 2

Leave to absorb before applying a sunscreen.


We do not recommend Super C Ferulic for sensitive skin types due to its high potency. We would recommend performing a patch test before your first use and note that this can tingle upon application.

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    30% Ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

    A stabilized Vitamin C derivative that delivers powerful visible brightening, wrinkle-reducing and antioxidant benefits coupled with long-lasting efficacy. At 30%, it's perfect for those wanting profound age-defying results - fast.

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    Ferulic Acid

    A supercharged, plant-based antioxidant which boosts the power of vitamin C and E for maximum age-defying benefits.

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    Vitamin E

    A lipid-soluble antioxidant that is naturally present in the skin, vitamin E works in synergy with ferulic acid to deeply nourish and support optimal skin health.

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    Turmeric Root Extract

    A natural antioxidant which helps to reduce the look of age spots and discoloration for a visibly radiant complexion.

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The ultimate choice for rapid action on advanced signs of aging.

DANIEL ISAACS Chief Product Officer

L-ascorbic acid (the purest form of vitamin C) is incredibly potent but notoriously unstable, meaning it loses its effectiveness when it comes in contact with light, heat and air.

Ethylated L-ascorbic acid is a stabilized derivative of ascorbic acid. In ethylated ascorbic acid, the part of the pure L-ascorbic acid molecule that's susceptible to stability breakdown (power loss) is modified. The result is a new vitamin C molecule that's very stable in many environments, and therefore delivers effective visible results on the skin.

Super C Ferulic features 30% ethylated ascorbic acid, so you can reap the benefits of a superb blend of power and potency, without the worry it will lose its effectiveness before you have had the chance to use all of the formula.

Super C Ferulic is Medik8's most powerful and highest concentration vitamin C formula.

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Provenance provides confidence for sustainability claims; helping to prevent ‘green-washing’ and empowering conscious consumers to purchase in line with their values. Provenance ‘Proof Points’ are all third party verified and evidenced through supply chains.

Super C Ferulic
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