New Year Skincare Hacks

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New Year Skincare Hacks

 With the fresh start of the new year, it’s the perfect time to start exploring different ways to use our cult-favorite products. Our top 3 skincare hacks for the year will help you achieve glowing radiant skin and will potentially help you to rediscover forgotten products. 

#1 Hydr8 B5 Intense = Serum Foundation

The go-to hack when suffering from flaky foundation.

Step 1: Add a few drops of Hydr8 B5 Intense with your foundation.

Step 2: Apply foundation for long-lasting all-day hydration. 

Hydr8 B5 Intense helps to amplify your skin's natural hyaluronic acid levels. If you are suffering from dry patches with foundation, this hack will provide the skin with long-lasting hydration. Recommended for sensitive, troubled skin and for more mature skin with fewer natural oils.   


#2 Liquid Peptides + Hand Cream = Anti-aging Hand Cream

Soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Step 1: Add a few drops of Liquid Peptides into your preferred hand cream.

Step 2: Massage in gently and allow to absorb. 

Liquid Peptides

Liquid Peptides will help to fight the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles with it's cutting-edge formula. When combining Liquid Peptides with your go-to hand cream, it will provide your skin with year-round protection, essential for visibly smooth skin.


 #3 H.E.O Balm = Dry Skin hacks 

Nourish dry skin patches on the skin. 

Step 1: After cleansing in the morning and evening, apply a small amount of H.E.O. Balm on dry skin patches.

Step 2: Leave overnight for maximized results.

Step 3: Rinse in the morning with warm water.

This intensive skin repair treatment is the perfect mask to target dry skin. Have you ever had a cracked nose in winter months or when nurturing a cold? If the answer is yes, this is your must-try hack. H.E.O. Balm is a rich replenish moisture locking  cream with a protective barrier to shield skin and lock in moisture and restore sore or dry skin. 


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